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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

2 Fur

Hello! It's me again!  Today you will get two posts for the price of one! We couldn't find wifi until today so..........we are in Bothell, Wa at the best RV park ever!  We are in love with this place and can't wait to come back!

Sunday was Kelly and Kip's wedding.  We slept in, had a lazy morning, took some walks and headed to Bayview for the wedding.  It was beautiful! Kelly couldn't have looked any more gorgeous and Auntie looked just like Jackie O.  Love them!

The gorgeous Mr. & Mrs. Pladson
Mr. & Mrs. Appell
The setting was perfect and the food, drinks and company were awesome!  The ceremony took place in a rustic barn with chandeliers hanging.  Nobody opposed the marriage, but I DID spill a jar of water on the hardwood floor.  There were jars with flowers in them on the end of each aisle and of course I wasn't prepared with kleenex and found myself tearing up.  I reached to get some from my purse and all hell broke loose.  I caused a scene........The jar fell and the water splooshed to the floor.  Not cool Jode, not cool!!  Oh well, I'm pretty sure it went unnoticed.  Who am I kidding - even Zach said after, ohhhh that was you!!!  YUP!!!  Anyways, enough about me.......

The entire wedding was outside and dinner was served family style at a long table set for 100 people.  Dinner was wonderful and I was able to eat practically everything!  Yay!!  Good job Kel!!
The beautiful dinner table

After dinner and speeches, there was a country band and dancing.  There were fire pits and snacks.  Oh and did I mention an open bar!!  The drinks were great - especially the vodka raspberry lemonade.  YUM!!  It was great to see a lot of old family friends I haven't seen in a lot of years and many that Trent has never met!
Here are a few more pics for your viewing enjoyment!!

Enjoying the His & Hers Porta Potties
Oh Hai!!!
Trent, Auntie (aka Jackie O) and I

This morning we got up and left the state park around 10:00.  We arrived at the Mulkiteo ferry and made it on fairly quick.  The ferry ride is 20 minutes of gorgeous ocean!!  

We got off the ferry and made the short trek to Bothell and arrived at noon!  I did some laundry and Trent had a nap under the willow tree by the lake.  He was sleeping in the zero gravity chair and the girls were in their pen when he was awaken to both girls barking like crazy.  He was in a deep sleep so nearly shit his pants!!  He turned to see what they were barking at, and three feet away was a big.......black........(now depending on your imagination and whether or not your mind is in the gutter, this could go either way) STANDARD POODLE!!  What did you think I was going to say?  Geesh......some people.  Anyways - he actually thought it was a bear!  Once he realized it was a dog, all was well and the owner came and rescued poor Trent.  Oh the trauma.

After his 'incident', we had a couple drinks then headed to Alderwood mall for dinner and some shopping.  I found a few good deals!  You can't go wrong with sandals for $7 regular $45!  I also picked up a bra at Victoria's Secret for not such a good deal.  I was in the change room trying on one of their new sports bras, when I actually got stuck in it!  I know they are supposed to fit tight, but holy hell.  I don't know if it was the panic and claustrophobia of getting stuck, but I couldn't get out of that thing quick enough!  Needless to say, I broke out in a sweat!

On that note, it was time for dinner.  Dinner was awesome!  We went to PF Changs mad had our fill of Asian pear mojitos and yummy food!  Always a good time!  We wandered around the mall some more and headed back to the RV park once they closed.  We took the girls for a nice walk around the lake.

Lake Pleasant at sunset
Today is Tuesday - oh happy back to work all!!  Our plans are to leave around 9:00 ish and head to the outlets for some shopping.  We will have lunch and head back to the trailer to feed and water the girls before heading into Seattle for the Mariners vs. Blue Jays ball game tonight.  Since I now have wifi, I will promise to keep you updated!

Have a fun day.  Oh......and since I previously forgot........heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee's PIPER!

Making her blog debut......

Luv Luv

Monday, 5 August 2013

Lazy Saturday

What a wonderful morning!  The rain dried up and the sun popped out!  I finally got to wear some of the summer clothes I brought.  I was starting to panic as I only brought one pair of jeans!

Another relaxing day on the sleepy island they call Whidbey..........We got up and went into Bayview and Langley to have a look around.  Both are very small towns - Bayview being no more than a grocer and a farmers market!  We stopped at the market which was fabulous!  They had all kinds of goodies and beautiful looking veggies.  We picked up a few things including some yummy baked goods for Trent.  The girls enjoyed wandering around with us.  I'm all for taking dogs with you places but it was a little sketchy as a couple of dogs nipped at each other and got into barking fights.  Anger dog took a big shit in the middle if the market.  Luckily the owner picked it up, but still.  

After the market we drove the short drive into Langley.  It is very dog friendly but we left the girls in the truck for a bit while we looked around and had lunch.  Trent was snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow.  He said it was all for the blog.  Lucky you guys get to see lots of pics today!!  Oh wait......it took him about two hours of stellar photography skills and angles to realize the memory card was still in the laptop at the trailer.  Apparently Langley doesn't have anywhere that sells a memory card.  Go figure.  We had to resort to iPhone photos instead.
This is a view from the shops in Langley.

We had lunch at a great little bistro overlooking the ocean.  The food was amazing!  A really good menu with lots of choices for good ole me!!  

After lunch we walked around some more and did some wine tasting!  Always a fan favourite!!
Once again.....no camera so a shitty photo

We then picked up the girls and went for a coffee.  We sat outside at a great little coffee shop and people watched and connected to wifi!! Woohoo!!  Everyone was loving the girls.  We had a bunch of old ladies talking to us and telling us stories of their dogs.  

After coffee we decided to head back to camp for some drinks.  We drank, had dinner and decided to turn in around 9:00.  We have to rest up for the wedding tomorrow!  You know how we are with an open bar!! Woohoo!  

It's really too bad I didn't have any of those fun pics Trent took of us enjoying our day.......I'm not rubbing it in or anything......

I have remembered to out the memory card back in the camera and will ensure the battery is charged!  We should get up to some fun tomorrow and I will be sure to share the rowdiness!

I hope everyone enjoys the day of The Lord.  I also hope the wild hogs find a motel without stains........
From the toilet in a new trailer at Camping World, Trent approves this post!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Freaky Friday

Today was wet and soggy.  We packed up in the rain and unpacked at our destination in the rain.  It's supposed to clear up for Saturday and Sunday - so fingers crossed!  Otherwise it could be a cold wedding!  

Before leaving Anacortes, we decided to check out the casino and go for a big breakfast.  We had some excellent omelettes then thought we'd try our luck at the casino.  I threw in a $20 and cashed out at $9.80 because my machine sucked.  I wandered and found Trent and put in my $9.80.  On my second $1.60 spin, I hit a fireball! I ended up winning $210!! My purse was paid for! Woohoo! I think that means that technically I can get another one!!

After packing up we took the short drive (not to be confused with the short bus) to South Whidbey State Park.  It was a nice drive to the wet heavily forested campground.  To me, in the rain, nothing is beautiful.  We pulled in and unhooked in the rain.  It finally stopped and we were able to dry off a bit.  We relaxed and had a couple drinks and met a friend friend who is obviously taking new friends and doesn't realize that we aren't.  Although, since Brooke and Chad hate us now.......maybe a spot has opened up!  Sorry - inside thought.  Note to self - discuss with Trent about taking on a new friend......

I will get a picture of this dude in all his baldness and glory.  He seems nice enough but on the other hand seems to be everywhere we are.  I ran into him at the washroom.  We went into Freeland for dinner and guess who sat at the table next to us......yuuuup you guessed it!  Anyways enough about the bald eagle.....

We went into Freeland for dinner in search of a good restaurant.  We didn't have to search far as there are only two....... Dinner was really good.  We ate and after dinner went to explore Freeland.  We were done about 2 minutes later after we drove down Main Street which consisted of two shops and a pizza place.  It was cute none the less.  Today we will go into Bayview and Langley and explore some shops and sights.  Rumour has it there are a couple wineries and we all know how I feel about wine!!

We returned back from our jaunt to find visitors at our site! No it wasn't the vast population of slugs in our site, or the bald eagle, it was Heath, Christy and Piper!!  We had a couple drinks and a good visit until things turned wrong......the conversation switched to poop stories (as it often does when I am around) and talking about gross stories of public washroom fiascos.......just as Trent was about to elaborate on the poop and blood story in the bathroom at Shoppers that he had to clean up, ole Ranger Robbie there came and shut it down.  The timing was impeccable, as I didn't have to endure his story again and have nightmares.  If you are curious for more details, just ask Trent.  I call him Robbie as he obviously had little man syndrome and puffed out his chest.  Even Sophie is taller than him!

Apparently visitors aren't allowed in the park after dusk or 10:00 or something and it was 10:19!! Ohhh nooo!  And we were too loud.  Typical.  But the rules are the rules...... So we all packed up and Heath and Christy headed back to Bellingham.  Thanks Robbie for ruining our fun!  Hopefully we will see them again in a few weeks!!  

I am now writing this and it's Saturday morning.  We slept well and plan on heading to Bayview and Langley.  Oh I already said that.  Anyways.....I will post when I can as there is no wifi in the forest.  But have a wonderful Saturday and talk soon!!

Luv Luv

Friday, 2 August 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!! - NOT

Good Morning All!!  It's a cloudy, rainy, day.  Not good for the ole quaff there eh!?  We woke up to pouring rain and our view is socked in.  Oh well though - what can you do!?  At least we are on vacation!! 

The boat dude transporting poop!
I'm sorry I didn't blog earlier but yesterday was pretty busy!  Yesterday, we got up and had a bit of a relaxing morning.  We left the RV park around 10:00 destined for Anacortes.  We stopped in at the visitor information center and had less than stellar service.  Being a Visitor Information Counselor back in the day, I can appreciate both good and bad customer service.  The woman we had was horrible, but we managed to get a few brochures and some basic information that we were looking for.  We left there and headed for the docks in search of seafood.  We walked around and saw some beautiful boats.  Seafood sales were closed yesterday, but we saw some amazing views.
A panoramic view of the boats
Trent and I attempting to stow ourselves on a yacht
After our walk on the docks, we stopped at Bob's Chowder for lunch.  
We spotted some local sea life.  See!!  It even says they are local!!
We had some good eats and headed in search of a seafood market.  We ended up at Black Rock Seafood Market.  It's a little hole in the wall on a back road and the seafood selection was amazing!!  We ended up with 2 whole crabs, spot prawns, and halibut.  We dropped the seafood off at the trailer and then found a market on the side of the road and stocked up with veggies.  In case anyone was worried that we were only drinking and not eating......

Our next stop - CAMPING WORLD!!  Trent LOVES that place.  I get bored after about 15 minutes, but he describes my  boredom as him having to wait for me at Victoria's Secret.  I can sympathize a little bit, but when you spend 15 minutes staring at sewer hose and sewer connections, I have trouble relating.  My boredom ended with me finding the scooters!!!

Zoom Zoom!

We made a bunch of random stops for the rest of the way and headed back to the trailer for our feast.  We had a wonderful dinner.  I wish I would have taken pics!! 

My cousin Heath and his wife Christy and adorable dog Piper came to visit us.  It was fun and laughs as always.  The girls LOVE playing with their cousin.  She is black so she has a lot of street cred and is a tough bitch.  We managed to fit 6 adults and 3 big dogs into the trailer comfortable!  I would have thought it would be like a clown car but we were all good!  We visited and had drinks until 2:00am.  Which is why I am apologizing for my lack of wit.  I`m a little sleepy today.  But it`s all good!  It`s too bad Brooke and Chad couldn`t have been here with us........  On the upside, Trent discovered a new love of his life - Angry Orchard Cider.  I think it makes him crazy.......
A lot of beer, wine and cider was consumed
Our plan is to have breakfast at the casino then head down Whidbey Island to the state park.  I would like to stop at the mall before we head out, but we will see how time permits.  I`m not sure how the wifi situation will be, but I will try to post as often as I can!

I hope everyone is well and keep an eye out for the wild hogs this weekend - they are out in full force!!  Have a safe trip guys!!!  

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend to everyone!!!  


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ocean Bound!

Well today wasn't overly interesting as it was a travel day.  We went from Cache Creek to outside Anacortes, Wa.  We are spending two nights at the Swinomish Casino before heading down Whidbey Island.  

We left Cache Creek bright and early around 8:00am.  We were up and out of there even before the creepy pedo was up gawking at the children!  Funny story - Trent was going to the shower and some old guy stopped him and said "So what did you think about the shower." Trent looked at him weirdly and said, "I don't know, I haven't been there yet!". The guy looks at him crazy and says, "No the rain shower!" oh my - he then proceeded to talk about how there hasn't been any rain in 30 days.  It's desert country you know!  Then he walked away.  Wow - the things seniors and RV ers find intriguing and want to talk about.  Trent managed to get thru his shower without the pedo or senior peeking in his stall.  I'm pretty sure this is the dumb look he had on his face......

So, we left Cache Creek and wound our way through the Fraser Canyon.  The roads were clear, the temp was perfect and the views were amazing.  

We arrived to a 40 minute wait at the border.  It wasn't too bad as we found ways to entertain ourselves!

Look it's us on the border webcam! If you look closely you can see me waving my arms out the sunroof!  It's like a low tech version of where's Waldo.  

We crossed the border and stopped at El Nopal for Mexican food for lunch.  The food was good but the margaritas were even better! I highly recommend their mango raspberry! After a large and a medium margarita I was feeling pretty damn good! I can't remember the rest of the trip......kidding, kidding.  We found ourselves on a back country road heading to Burlington when my famous words were spoken......pull over!! I have to make water! (Sorry my reference to Boardwalk Empire.  Great show on HBO if you haven't seen it!) That salsa and beans ran right through me.  As we tried to look for a safe spot to pull over, the flight of the bumblebee was going on in my head.  It's times like these we shouldn't be ashamed of adult diapers.......luckily we haul a toilet on wheels and we found a place to pull over.  After that was done we were good to go!

We arrived at the casino, found our spot and relaxed for a bit before heading out to shop.
We fed the girls and headed over to the Burlington outlets.  There really weren't many deals, but my mom and I managed to feed our purse fetish and we both bought a gorgeous Coach bag each.  I won't get into logistics and price, but lets just say I'm in love with mine and that's all that matters right? I justified it after walking into the Lululemon outlet and could have either bought 2 pairs of yoga pants or my beautiful bag - um Coach please.  I will post a pic of it in all it's glory later!

We managed to find a few things but no smoking deals by any means.  After shopping we got some groceries at Fred Myers.  Our cart consisted of a $4.99 bottle of wine, 6 pack of beer, 6 pack of cider and 4 little 4 packs of wine that worked out to be $1.00 per bottle. Oh we also got a couple bags of awesome flavoured chips and a carton of eggs!  Not sure what we will be eating, but it won't really matter anyways since we will be drunk!  

Today we are heading into Anacortes to find some fresh seafood off the boats and find a fruit and vegetable market.  We will explore the area and visit our favourite place - Camping World!

I promise to take lots of pics and post them!

Have a wonderful day all!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BBB - Bitches Be Blogging

Guess who's back....back again?! Oh ya - I DID just quote Eminem.

So we are off on a much needed, long awaited journey.  The ultimate goal is we are headed to Whidbey Island for a wedding.  We left after work today (well after Trent was done work - I'm a government employee after all) and we headed to Cache Creek for the night.  It was a short trip at just over two hours.  It was enough for today though.  There were some sketchy drivers  between Vernon and Kamloops as always.  Never before though has Trent been hit in the neck whilst driving by a piece of rogue rubber.........

We were cruizin....on a sunny afternoon - ok I promise that this years blog won't turn into cheesy song lyrics and yes for all you over corrective assholes out there, I know it's supposed to be Sunday but today is Tuesday dammit. Anywho - some idiot with a rickety utility trailer passes us in typical JAFA style.  For those newbies out there who are too lazy and un-interested to read previous blog posts, a JAFA is Just Another Fucking Albertan.  I am ashamed to say the guy with the rickety trailer was from BC (let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence over this prick who OBVIOUSLY is originally from Alberta). As he was passing us at high speeds which my internal radar gun thinks was well over 110km/hr, the tire on his rickety trailer was blowing to pieces and shooting rubber everywhere.  A piece actually flew in our open window and hit Trent in the neck! Good thing it didn't get one of the girls!  
After the guy passed us a piece the size of a baseball actually came flying at the windshield and I put my hands up to protect myself. We both thought it was a rock!  We made it thru and arrived in Cache Creek unscathed.  It was a hot day but as we pulled in it started raining.  Trent was VERY cold!

We met up with my parents for happy hour and made dinner.  While relaxing with wine after dinner we caught a vision of this creepy dude smooshed up against his window. He was learning the way of the pool looking at the 12 year old girls.  Creepy!

Tomorrow we are off early (I want to be on the road by 7 or 8 but we will see) and headed to Swinomish Casino in Anacortes for a couple of nights.  We will do some shopping and tootling as Trent calls it, around La Conner.  I think for him it's more tooting.....

We should have wifi at the casino so I will keep you updated! Have a great day at work and we won't be thinking of you! Just kidding!! Well not really.....ok maybe.....awe I'm just stalling because I hate goodbyes!  Luv Luv to all!

Oh PS - sorry about my less than superior blogging skills tonight - I'm blogging from my ipad which mean I'm virginal.  I will get this shit figured out!  :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 12/13 - Coos Bay to Woodburn

Happy Hump Day y'all!  Obviously I am getting my American drawl on.  I was originally going to post this yesterday but shopping got in the way, so today will be a long two day in one post.  Sorry!

Sunday night before we left Coos Bay we had a BBQ of seafood and the wind was ridiculous.  I just have to share a pic of the fort Trent and Pops made for us to keep the wind down.  It was so cold so we were wearing MANY layers.  It's funny for me and looks ghetto.  More ghetto in a minute.......

A tugboat going by our site in Coos Bay
Trailer Trash

Yesterday we traveled from Coos Bay to Woodburn via Florence.  The drive was really pretty and the road was great!  Not like the skinny, windingy, motion sickness road we took to get to the coast!  The road went along a river and there so many boats out fishing. 

We stopped for a lunch at a historical marker which no longer existed.  Not sure how that works.  Isn't a historical marker always a historical marker?  Anyways......we traveled an hour from Florence to the I-5.

A railroad bridge with a tiny little house on top.  Similar to my tiny little hat!

Once we hit the interstate the beautiful scenery was gone and I missed the coast already.  We drove the hour to Woodburn which is about a half hour outside Portland.  We setup, dumped the girls and headed off for outlet shopping!  A girl can't get enough shopping....let me tell you!

The girls on the drive.  Happy travelers!

We shopped for a couple of hours then came back to feed the girls and go for dinner.  We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant that had a couple good reviews on Trip Advisor.  Apparently President Obama ate there while campaigning in Woodburn.  How bad could that be!?

So we wind our way through the ghetto of Woodburn (whoever thought that would be possible) and a bunch of residential streets.  Finally we come to main street in what I would guess was Spanish Harlem.  The signs were no long in English - everything was Spanish.  There were also all these little markets and stores that were open late.  It was VERY strange.  We found Luis Taquitos and went it.  It was very cafe looking and you had to order at the counter.  As it turns out the food was soooo good!  We finished our food with some quick glances over the shoulder and made our way back to the RV Park without having to endure a drive by shooting!  Life is good!  I would have taken a picture, but that right there could have gotten me shot.  I really wish I could have shared some of the Spanish bootie we witnessed!

After dinner, Trent and I headed back to the outlets for a last minute shop.  It was an early night and we decided to stay in Woodburn another night in order to go to Victoria's Secret in Portland and enjoy the area.

That brings me to yesterday.  We had a lazy morning, cooked a big breakfast and headed for Washington Square.  We spent the day doing some shopping then came back to the RV Park for a wonderful tuna dinner.  Dad and Mumsey picked up a butt load of tuna in Coos Bay so we feasted on that!!  YUM!!

YUM! Fresh tuna!!
As we were cooking dinner, there was a sight to be seen like no other.  Let me give you a bit of a back story.  I am VERY intrigued by the RV behind us.  They don't have a vehicle there and the RV isn't licensed.  So.....it looks like someone dropped these people there and left.  It appears to be a young guy and girl and baby who live there.  When we first arrived here, the guy (who looks like a girl) was sitting at the sewer pipe doing something and pulling shit (probably literally) out of the pipe.  He was then washing the area and his hands with their fresh water hose. GROSS!!  This is what made me intrigued by them.  So of course, now, we always peek over to see what's going on.  That same night after the shit incident, there was a girl laying on a blanket on the ground.  Then yesterday when we woke up, the guy was sleeping in a chair outside. 

Anyways - as we are cooking dinner, the sister of the guy is outside and obviously hot in the 30 degree heat.  I should probably describe her first to get the full effect.  She is about 300 pounds and was wearing daisy duke cut off shorts.  On the top she was wearing a halter bikini top with no underwire.  This meant her boobs were hanging middriff.  Well....Trent calls me out to take a look and since it was so hot, she is deciding to have an outside shower at the back of their RV - FACING US!!!  It was quite the site.  Pops and Trent found it very intriguing as well!  I came out from cleaning up for a better look and she decided she wanted to touch the girls.  Not her girls in the sagging halter, but our girls!  YIKES!  I think I would have preferred the first one...........Apparently the pool was closed and she was hot so we had endure her outside shower.  Lucky us. 

Me and the girls - You can see the aftermath in the background

After dinner and drinks we headed back to the outlet mall for some last minute shopping.  You just can't get enough of the no tax and 80% off!  At the mall there are some pretty spectacular flowers that Trent and Mumsey struck poses in front!

The height and number of flowers was pretty astonishing!  Well that was our last 2 days!  This morning we are heading out and shooting for somewhere north of Seattle.  We will see where the day takes us.  It may be pretty boring but I will try to snap some interesting pics!

I hope you have a wonderful day and sorry for the long post.....probably should have split that into two but oh well! 

Love Love!!